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The 21st Century is bringing rapid technological change, increased need for cross-functional collaboration, and strong demand for confident leaders.

The Forge Initiative believes that our future will be stronger and our communities more vibrant when people of all ages can engage collaboratively in technology. We act to create that future within each “Forge”.

Technology serves as a tool to deliver results. Youth and adults explore and master technology, art and engineering. We discover confidence in ourselves. We uncover the strength in working together for something bigger than we have ever imagined. We figure out why we would want to lead and how to lead. As we grow, we come to understand that we all have the power and the ability to change the world.

Our learning model starts with Explore -- for those people who have discovered an area that's interesting, exciting and intriguing to them. Exploring is a critical step in understanding new technologies, new ways of doing things. It's a step where people figure out the problem space they're looking at; trying new things. Learning is the next step with more intentional purpose. And those who have explored and learned, cement those skills by leading -- by showing others, by mentoring, by being role models, by teaching. It's the place where great things can happen with the confidence and skills behind it.


The Forge Downtown

The Forge Downtown in Cary is our R&D Center. It's a place where people can explore and create new programs, try new approaches, and see what works. Beta workshops, workshops created and led by our youth leaders, short programs, long programs, new partnerships are all part of what goes in in Cary.

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To empower families and individuals of all ages to collaboratively explore, learn, and lead using technology and engineering


Everyone has the ability to change the world
Respect each other and each others' journey
Interact with, participate in, and educate the wider community
Collaborate, learn, and grow
Push the envelope with rapid iterations of try, fail, and learn


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Organization Facts


K-12 Students
125 students / 65 families enrolled year-round at The Forge Downtown in Cary in 2014-15.

Intensity of Participation Most programs are year-round and part of the Forge Initiative’s Youth Leadership Program.


Overall Level of Volunteerism
13,000 professional volunteer hours in 2014-15:
  • Organizational development
  • Technical mentoring
  • Community hands-on outreach 
K-12 Volunteer Hours
Our K-12 members volunteered 4,000 hours in 2014 to bring hands-on STEAM activities to 8,000+ people in the community

Institutional Support

Schools and Educational Support
In-school hands-on demos, displays at the NC TIES and Scaling STEM conferences

Professional Organizations
Partnering with IEEE in engineering outreach in our community

Community STEAM Support
Summer Library Programs Summer camps Train-the-trainer workshops for robotics league coaches


The Forge Initiative's mission is to empower families and individuals of all ages to collaboratively explorelearn, and lead using technology and engineering. 

Our community needs strong leaders who understand STEAM (STEM+Art). Forges create STEAM leaders. Forge programs support thousands in STEAM. There is more demand than we are currently able to meet.We thank you for being part of building The Forge Initiative to the next level of community support for STEAM.

*Please note that these funds will go to the general operating account to benefit the entire organization. If you would like to specify what your donation is used for, please contact us at: connections@theforgeinitiative.org

Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-807-2214 or 888-830-4989 for NC Residents​.

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How do I contact someone who can answer questions?

Contact us:  info@theforgeinitiative.org


Where do I find out more about what is being offered by The Forge Initiative?

Check out The Forge Downtown:  http://theforgedowntown.org 


Donate:  http://tfidonate.org