Membership 2017-2018

The Basic Facts to Know Before You Sign Up

The Forge Initiative is a place of energy and learning and technology, where lots of things happen with many ages, backgrounds and experience levels make things happen. It makes people want to say, Wow! How do I get involved? or How do I get my child involved?

This environment doesn't "just happen." At the Forge, we don't have people being paid to run programs and events for you to participate in. People make this happen. People who could be doing things for their own families. People who could be doing many other things. People who choose to be there. Not staff. Not teachers or educators. But people like you and me. When someone asks, "how do I get my child involved?" or "How do I volunteer?" they may get strange looks or vibes. Here are some common responses and why you get them.

Please read our FAQs about membership

Membership details for those who still want to join!

Our annual membership is from August 15 to June 30. If you would like to add yourself to the “Interested in Membership” list, please apply below and we’ll let you know when it opens or of opportunities to get involved.

Forge Membership

  • Join our “by members for members” collaborative community. Members are part of “making it happen” - from sharing enthusiasm for STEM+Art with others at the Forge, to volunteering to maintain our facilities, to organizing programs for members to participate in.
  • All Forge member programs are organized or run by members (parents, youth and volunteers) for the benefit of other members and participation may involve further program fees to cover associated costs.
  • Cost: $350/family/year ($250 before 9/1/2017)

Friends of the Forge

  • For those wishing for a lighter version of membership, “Friends of the Forge” memberships let families and individuals get involved. “Friends of the Forge” members get to participate in at least one invitational Forge activity or event each month, receive early announcements of the public workshops and events, and member pricing for those workshops and events.
  • Cost: $175 /family/year (opening on or before September 1)

Who Is The Forge?

The Forge Initiative is a nonprofit, founded 7 years ago in Cary as Wake Robotics. We are almost 100% volunteer. That means that all of our programs are run by members -- either member parents or people who want to share their passion of STEAM with others. And, almost all of our fundraising, organizing, administration, marketing, people directing, and planning are run by regular people volunteering their time.

Our members currently include 70 member families; 125 K-12 students, 10-15 college students, and 10-15 volunteers who want to be involved in STEAM. Another 200-300 people participate in our member-led workshops and camps each year. And approximately 6000 people interact with us at community events and outreaches.

Why The Forge?

The world increasingly relies on technology. Almost every job you can think of requires some interaction with technology. You could even say that our future depends on technology -- on people who are comfortable with technology and who know how to collaborate, lead and believe they can make our world a better place. We have many places in the Triangle who work with STEAM. What we need is a place those people can come together -- where our young people can gain the skills and the confidence and the excitement of exploring and learning with each other AND with adults who are immersed in the world of technology.

How Do You Do That?

The Forge Initiative has created a community (or an ecosystem!) of people interested in, inspired by, and passionate about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math). The Forge is a place where all different backgrounds of people, of different ages and interests can explore, learn -- AND lead! with cutting edge technology. It isn’t a place to drop your kids off to take a class; it’s a place where families, educators, scientists, artists, engineers, students, hobbyists and makers can gather in the same place and see what they learn from each other.

But What Do You Really Do?

At the Forge, members (parents and volunteers) coach robotics teams, all ages work on their own projects or help others during Open Forge, youth and adults share STEM+Art through hands-on demos at libraries and schools, artists bring tech into art and engineers bring art into tech, youth and adults run workshops and programs using what they know to help others learn, educators and educator wish-to-be’s can try out innovative new approaches to introducing STEAM topics to all ages, everyone learns and practices intentional team building, leadership and collaboration skills -- then take those skills to their schools and their jobs.

Where Are You Located?

We are located at:

3300 Green Level West
Cary, NC

Contact us at: